Pyro balancing fixes are live

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Well, sort of fix:

Team Fortress 2:
– Fixed a case where the Spy could start taunting and cloak at the same time
Flamethrower changes:
– Increased base damage 10%
– Afterburn duration increased (from 6 to 10)
– Flares that hit a burning player at mid-to-long range will crit
– Reduced Backburner damage bonus from 20% to 15%

So now he has 88% damage with the flamethrower instead of 80% since the initial nerf. The afterburn restore is most welcome. It will be fun to see how the pyro plays now.

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One Comment on “Pyro balancing fixes are live”

  1. 1 Billy bob said at 08:31 on May 21st, 2010:

    WhOO HAAAA, i´m gonna flame me som chickens tonight!!!!!