Alien Swarm – free game from Valve

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While we’re all waiting for Portal 2, Valve throws this little gem our way.  Unfortunately they have not released binaries for dedicated Linux servers yet, so we won’t be able to run our own servers just yet. Hopefully there will be an update on this.

Some highlights:

  • Alien Swarm is being released for free by Valve.
  • Is a tactical, 4 player co-op action game with a top-down perspective.
  • Complete game code and mod tools available to the community.
  • The SDK is separate from that of other Source games.
  • Features 4 unique classes.
  • Over 40 weapons and equipment with many configurations.
  • 8 unique characters.
  • Has Easy, Normal, Hard, and Insane difficulties.
  • Features only Campaign Mode and Offline Practice Mode.
  • Uses L4D2 style add-on system for custom campaigns.
  • Much less randomization than L4D so players can observe, learn, and overcome challenges.
  • Uses a modified Source engine between the L4D2 and Portal 2 iterations.
  • Supports dedicated and listen servers.
  • Contains Valve game easter eggs.
  • 64 achievements
  • Does not currently support Mac or controllers.

Read more over at the Steam forums:

Go here to get the game. If you complete two missions in online co-op mode you get a free TF2 hat!

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One Comment on “Alien Swarm – free game from Valve”

  1. 1 Dennis said at 10:52 on July 21st, 2010:

    That hat is coming my way…