Killing Floor summer campaign 2012

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Killing Floor recently released a mandatory server update for their summer campaign. In order to update the server you have to ditch the good old hlsdupdatetool and start using steamcmd. Steamcmd requires a steam account, so I created a free one just for this.

Here are some of the steps taken:

  1. Created a subfolder for the server user, kf-ds
  2. Downloaded the steamcmd-binary and extracted it into the new folder
  3. Made a script for updating the server, called kfserver_script, according to the new steamcmd way, in that folder:

    force_install_dir [SERVER_ROOT]/kf-ds
    app_update 215360 validate
  4. In the server home folder executed the command

    STEAMEXE=steamcmd [SERVER_ROOT]/kf-ds/ +runscript [SERVER_ROOT]/kf-ds/kfserver_script

Now the server files are downloaded and verified. The binary is still in the System-directory, but they have changed all folder names from lower case to starting with a capital letter.

Starting the server is done using

cd [SERVER_ROOT]/kf-ds/System
./ucc-bin server kf-hellride.rom?game=KFmod.KFGameType?VACSecured=true?MaxPlayers=6

If it starts OK, you can use a init.d-wrapper script that starts, stops and updates the server. That’s how we do it, running the server in a separate Screen. There is more info on the changes over at the Killing Floor wiki.

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