This is really work under way, but you have most likely found this place for a reason. That reason is most likely that you have found one of our game servers. We run a Team Fortress 2 server, a Killing Floor server and a few Left 4 Dead 2 servers. All servers run SourceMod and most of them have some kind of statistics engine running. While you’re here, don’t forget to grab the RSS feed to stay updated with server updates, mods, custom campaigns etc.

Team Fortress 2

Start page:


Stats (HLStatsX CE)

Replay has been enabled on this server.

Left 4 Dead 2 servers

Start page:

We have one private co-op server, and four public servers.

Custom content currently supported:

Dead on Time 2 v3.1 (Download)
25 to life v16.0 (Download)
Fort Noesis v1.0 (Download)
City 17 v3.2 (Download)
Freezer Burn v2 (Download)
Diescraper Redux v3.2 (Download)
DeadCity II Campaign v18.0 (Download)
Death Aboard 2 V2.0 (Download)
Dead Echo 2 v1.5 (Download)
2 Evil Eyes v2.0 (Download)
Centro v2.2 (Download)
Dark Blood 2 v3 (Download)
Night Terror L4D2 edition v1.0 (Download)
Indiana Jones and the temple of Zombies v3.0 (Download)
Damit 2! v1.4 (Download)
Heaven Can Wait II v13.0 (Download)
Dead City II Lite v8.0 (Download)
Haunted Forest v1.1 (Download)
Carried Off v2.5 (Download)
We Don’t Go To Ravenholm 2 v1.0 (Download)
Crash Bandicoot Course 2: Electric Wumpaloo v1.3 (Download)
Dead Before Dawn Too v1.0 (Download)
Dead Before Dawn Too DC v1.0 (Download)
One 4 Nine v5.0 (Download)
I Hate Mountains 2 v1.5 (Download)
Tour of Terror v5.2 (Download)

Killing Floor server

We run a public Killing Floor server with all the official maps available. Game length is set to Normal and difficulty set to Normal.