Left 4 Dead bugfixes

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Some bugfixes have been released for l4d:

Left 4 Dead

  • Removed the “Are you ready to play Versus?” confirmation
  • Fixed a crash when using mouse wheel or keyboard to select Campaign chapters
  • Fixed sv_steamgroup_exclusive servers advertising for public lobbies
  • Restored the ability to vote for a new campaign in Versus mode

The steamgroup thing was really annoying since we used it on our coop server. Hopefully things will be back to normal now.

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Adding a few maps to the payload server mapcycle

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After running plr_pipeline 24/7 since the release, we’ve decided to give goldrush and hoodoo a chance as well.

The new mapcycle is as follows:

  • goldrush
  • pipeline
  • hoodoo final
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TF2 update

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Hopefully more robust connection logic for dedicated servers:

Linux Dedicated Server

  • Improved connection logic to help servers that aren’t automatically reconnecting to Steam, and added extra logging to track it
  • Added extra data gathering to help us understand and improve Linux performance

Team Fortress 2

  • Changed cl_flipviewmodels so it can no longer be set while connected to a server
  • Fixed problem with Loadout Menu “Back” button not preserving the currently equipped weapon
  • Fixed a case where an observer could set the observed player’s view models
  • Fixed the Heavy’s punches not matching mouse button presses when the view models are flipped
  • Fixed Bonk! ammo count exploit after using a regeneration locker
  • Fixed Dead Ringer damage reduction exploit involving Spy taunting
  • Reverted Force-A-Nature and airblast knockback on disguised Spies, so that they can once again be knocked back

Missed notes from previous update

  • The Ambassador no longer penetrates buildings
  • Removed the movement speed penalty on The Razorback
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L4D SDK out along with some bugfixes

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The servers have been updated.

Read all about it here.


  • Removed an infinite ammo exploit for molotovs
  • The team swapping issue in Versus has been fixed

Add-on Campaign Support

  • Players download third party campaigns as single .VPK file
  • Players can manage and select add-on maps and campaigns via game UI
  • Added matchmaking support and download/update prompt for add-on campaigns
  • Custom campaign support in Leader boards
  • If not already registered, left4dead.exe registers .VPK extension to allow automatic install of add-ons
  • Servers and the steam API have been extended to allow servers to send up a list of keys for matchmaking up to 1200 bytes in size

Left 4 Dead Authoring Tools

  • Fixed missing fgd error
  • Added vpk.exe command line tool for extracting, creating, and appending .VPK files
  • Removed info_versus (not used)
  • Added info_gamemode which fires outputs for Coop, Versus or Survival depending on what game mode the map is loaded in
  • Updated tutorial_standards example map, repackaged as ‘Dead Line’ campaign example add-on
  • Sample content now includes source files for official maps
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Team Fortress 2 update released

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New update for TF2 has been released by the good folks of Valve/Steam.

Team Fortress 2, Episode 1 & 2, and Portal

* Added support for the Novint Falcon


* Added an option to the advanced multiplayer menu to select left or right handed view models
* Fixed a bug where a spectator’s wearable items could be seen floating around the player they were spectating
* Fixed a bug where a fake Spy hand would appear on the screen of other players
* Custom death animations now only play 25% of the time
* Fixed teleporters not being build-able in some places where they should be (such as within the pit at the end of Badwater Basin)
* Fixed rare client crash on connection and level change
* Removed refract from water ripples caused by bullet impacts for performance reasons
* Added log entries for player extinguished events using the medigun, jarate, flamethrower and dispenser
* Started tracking localization settings to help make decisions regarding localization in the future
* Fixed the blank progress bar in the upper-left of the screen when the client scheme is reloaded

Mapmaker requests

* Added spawn flag to func_respawnroomvisualizer that allows it be non-solid to players
* Added SetSolid input to func_respawnroomvisualizer to change solidity to players dynamically
* Added OnWonByTeam1 and OnWonByTeam2 outputs to the TFGamerulesProxy


* Fixed a bad detection case in the “Friendship is Golden” achievement
* Changed the description of the “Triple Prey” achievement so it better describes how to get it
* Critical arrows now have a trail and correctly deal enhanced damage
* The Huntsman now defaults to be right handed
* Friendly arrows will no longer trigger the near miss sound on you
* Fixed several sources of floating arrows


* Fixed disguised Spies occasionally looking like they have invulnerability, instead of the correct fake Spy mask
* Disguised spies will no longer lose their disguise weapon when they interact with a weapon locker
* Fixed a bug where the spy’s watch would randomly change models during play
* Fixed uncloaked spies flickering in and out of the cloak effect when taking damage
* The Cloak and Dagger now always regenerates at its intended rate. Previously it only regenerated at the correct rate when the spy was cloaked
* Increased the Cloak and Dagger regeneration rate slightly
* Capped the rate of energy loss from moving faster than run speed (falling / air toss) while cloaked with the Cloak and Dagger
* The Dead Ringer’s cloak consume rate has been slightly reduced, giving about an extra second of cloak time on a full meter
* Emerging from the Dead Ringer’s cloak now drains up to 40% of the cloak meter instead of 100%. This drain only happens if the meter is at least 60% full
* The Dead Ringer’s cloak meter can now be regenerated from ammo sources
* The Ambassador now only crits when fully accurate and no longer penetrates enemies
* The Spy can no longer change weapons from the knife while shocked by the Razorback
* Force-A-Nature & Flamethrower air blast knockback effects no longer work on disguised spies
* Fixed disguised Spies showing the wrong teleporter effects when using an enemy teleporter

Full details on http://store.steampowered.com/news/2610/.

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Left 4 Dead update in the works

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The release version of the SDK is nearing completion and so is the new matchmaking system.


Hopefully this means a client update in a week or so.

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Team Fortress 2 update released

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A new update to tf2 has been released:


The arena server uses

tf_arena_use_queue 0

To prevent people from being forced to spectate.

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Updated Gore mod

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The gore-mod has had some problems with lag spikes when killing the first zombie on the map. This should now be fixed in the new 2.1.2 version.


The co-op and survival servers have this mod installed.

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