Engineer update is live

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Our servers are up and the payload server has got the new maps on rotation.

Updates to Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike: Source and Day of Defeat: Source have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:


  • Fixed client crash related flashlight usage.
  • Fixed several issues related to alt-tabbing (invisible players, etc).

Team Fortress 2

  • Added The Frontier Justice.
  • Added The Wrangler.
  • Added The Gunslinger.
  • Added The Southern Hospitality.
  • Added 35 Engineer achievements.
  • Engineers can now pickup & move their buildings.
  • Added Engineer main menu music.
  • Added 4 new maps:
    • Thunder Mountain, a 3 stage Payload map.
    • Hightower, a Payload Race map.
    • Upward, a Payload map.
    • ColdFront, a community built Capture Point map.
  • Item tuning:
    • The Sandvich now uses a cooldown timer, instead of the health pack recharge mechanic.
    • The Gunboats now reduce self-damage by 60% (was 75%)
    • The Tribalman’s Shiv bleed duration reduced to 6 second (was 8), and its damage penalty increased to 50% (was 35%).
  • Added better feedback sound for Pyros on when their flamethrower is doing damage.
  • Fixed blood effect on bleeding player.
  • Added a glow effect to Payload carts.
  • Added Romanian language support.
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Engineer update closing in

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Looks like it goes live tomorrow:

It’s gonna be fun to play with the new sentry remote control.

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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Zombies

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A new fresh custom campaign added to the Left 4 Dead 2 servers. Get the details of the campaign here.

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Team Fortress 2 update

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Valve have released a mandatory update to TF2. The most interesting thing is a new Web API for TF2 items. Maybe time to create an Android app during the vacation?

Server Browser
– Server browser now starts centered onscreen when it opens up.
– Filter panel now starts expanded, instead of hidden.
– Added a warning dialog that pops up to warn players joining games with more than the recommended number of players.
– Added a “max player count” filter setting.
– Renamed quick list checkbox from “Show Map List” to “Simplified List”.
– Mouseover the checkbox now explains the simplified list in the status bar.
– Quicklist now shows the number of other servers running each map.
– Fixed a couple of bugs related to toggling the quick list, which were resulting in you needing to refresh again.

Team Fortress 2
– Added missing earbud particles for DX8 players.
– Added new ConVar mp_windifference_min to be used with mp_windifference.
– Added Engineer to the list of classes that can equip Max’s Pistol.
– Rebuilt sound cache files that were out of date.
– Source TV:
– Fixed unlockable items not being visible.
– Stopped “player is carrying X” messages looping forever.
– Fixed overhealed particle effect being visible on your current view target when in first-person spectator mode.
– Changed in-game button colors to be less eyepoppingly bright.
– Improved Steam Web APIs for TF2 items (seeĀ

– Fixed some graphical issues when alt-tabbing during a game.
– Fixed bullet penetration problems with Linux dedicated server.
– Removed an exploit that allowed people to change their names to something other than their Steam profile name.

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