The people that makes the site tick are a bunch of IRL friends scattered around Sweden. The reason we run the servers is because we want to be able to play with each other without risking a public server being full.

It started with one TF2 server running Arena mode ( It is now running Payload most of the time. We complemented with a standard+custom server ( running on slightly faster hardware. It is now our war server and runs a public KotH server.

When we bought Left 4 Dead last year it felt natural to run a dedicated server as well. Being interested in server administration, we actually started 3 forked servers (one private, and two public all-game-modes servers).

We started up four public Left 4 Dead 2 servers, within an hour of the release of the game (November 17th), and they are quite busy.

Comments, questions about the servers?
Reach us at info (a) muppfarmen dot se

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